Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Bangin' on More Doors :)

Hello Mom and Dad :) We had a real good week here in Richfield, and we kept finding more people to teach! I love finding, it’s exciting to find out where the next person we are going to teach and baptize lives, and where we are going to first meet them.

So we just kept working hard and banged on more doors, and the Lord came through for us and our teaching pool is full again :)

We kept teaching S this week, and he came to church again! Since he is going to be in a play the school is doing, we will have to be creative about when and where we are going to teach him. He is doing really well with the lessons and this week we are going to mail a baptismal record home to his mother so that she can sign it before his interview. S even brought a nonmember friend to church with him! Good things are happening in the Navajo Dorm for missionaries again :)

Our two pingüinos (K, 10 and C, 9) are doing really well too. C is reading the Book of Mormon more than many of our adult investigators. Also both these young men have adult family members living with them who have never been baptized, hopefully we will get a chance to meet with them too.

We are back at the R home again!! You might remember J R who we taught in December, his mom and two younger brothers are also nonmembers, and mom and dad have green lighted us to teach both of them (A and M). Sister R is from Tennessee, and she cooked very good fried chicken for us. They are good people :)

We also found a young lady tracting this week. It was a home I have wanted to knock for a long time, but it just never worked out. Well, we finally had the opportunity to pass by, and we found a mother, her teenage daughter, and her little boy (the G family) that all want to be taught. They committed to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church, but sadly they did not make it yesterday. I was just super happy to find them though, and I definitely feel like Heavenly Father wants us to help them.

Then there is C, well actually C and his three nonmember roommates. They are all 19-20 and we have a really good relationship with them, C really wants to be baptized, we have had some very spiritual lessons with him, and he has been coming to church for a while. We saw them at the skate park in town while we were driving by, so we stopped and watched them have fun "in their element". Those kids were getting some big air off the ramps. It was fun though because we committed them all to come to the YSA ward while at the park, and they all came!! (With their female entourage as well). We had a full bench of all those kids:-)
Then there is the Rs family! We found them banging on doors again in a part of the stake I haven't visited for months. L is 27 and he and his wife have a little girl E, and L's little brother M lives with them. They have been through a lot. L has been in and out of gangs, he is pretty "tatted-up", and he writes rap music. He free styled for us once, and it was fun to see this man rapping about his family. There is still a lot of work to do in Richfield!

Now for some pictures :)
This is my missionary posterity. Elder Barrales from Chile is training Elder Augusto from Portugal! (ask dad about the "sh" pronunciation in his name) We're a happy family from 3 different continents :)
Elder Campbell and I had to make a pit stop coming back from a meeting in Beaver, and the Cove Fort visitor's center has restrooms, so we stopped by! We were promptly swarmed by the kindly senior missionaries, taken on an impromptu tour, and one of the Elders told us "let’s count this as a gospel discussion". Too funny. I figured since we are in the Cove Fort Zone, we might as well see what our name's sake is all about.

Well, that’s about it! I love you all and I love being a missionary. I want to thank you for your prayers for me to keep finding. I have pleaded a lot for inspiration to know where to go and who to see, and people have been falling out of the sky. When I look at my name tag now though, I know that there is an army of people and prayers behind me in everything I do, and your contributions and faith make all the difference.  I am never alone in this work.

I love you!!
Elder Michael George Stewart

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