Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reaching our Goals!

Hello mom and dad!!

What a great week we had! We spent a lot of time in meetings this week. We drove to St. George and back and had an exchange with the Assistants, but even with all that time out of the area we had a great week :-) I think we rarely have bad weeks. The Lord is really blessing us for working hard. Lots of amazing things happened this week!

At the beginning of this companionship Elder Campbell and I had put a goal of having six baptisms together in the month of March (we only had two investigators when we decided on that goal!) but we felt that we wouldn't be pushing ourselves to the fullest without that goal. And, we are reaching that goal! This week we looked at it and we had 5 baptisms lined up for March and we were wondering where the 6th one would come from, when we got the best phone call ever from one of our bishops.

There is a man that bishop has been meeting with in the 9th ward who told us that he wasn't ready for missionary lessons, but he has been going to church since November. Well, in Sunday school last week they had a lesson about baptism, and this man who has never been baptized in any church was touched by the Spirit and told the bishop that he wants to be baptized! The bishop told us "Well Elders, I have met with him a lot, he has been going to church for months, you all could baptize him tomorrow if you wanted to". I never thought that I would get to see this man join the church, but faith really does work miracles. We are so excited to meet with B. I am just grateful to have these blessings.

There is a lot to report on this week, but I really want you to know my testimony of the Savior and of this church. My time on my mission has taught me so much of the Savior. He loves us one by one and he desires so much for us to receive him and his gospel. He is aware of our struggles and can help us when we come unto him and keep his commandments. As I have worked hard and wore myself out in this work, I have realized that I am not alone, and I really do rely on the Savior to be a missionary. He knows where the elect people are, and he guides me to them when I ask. My only hope and want right now is to help as many people as I can to become converted, nonmembers and my missionaries alike. I can't think of a place I would rather be.

I know the church is true! I have though a lot about the parable of the sower this transfer....and I really see that even though the gospel is true, sometimes people's ground is "hard" or "thorny" and the message doesn’t take. But I know the seed of the restored gospel is good and true and I am just looking for those with "good ground" to receive this message. (See Matthew 13

All of our other investigators are doing really well! C is looking like a champ, our ping├╝inos know the gospel really well, and S should be baptized this week (we just need Mom to mail back the signed church record, hope it comes on time!). Keep praying for us to find!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and testimonies. 

Lots of Love!
Elder Michael George Stewart

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