Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finishing Strong

Hi mom and dad!! 

We had a great week...two baptisms, 40 lessons, lots of new contacts, and opportunities to interact with the great members in Richfield. I'm kind of scared right now...this might be my last week here in Richfield! We will get transfer calls this coming week. At the end of the day, I guess we will all just go wherever the Lord wants us to. Elder Campbell and I are just hungry  this week...we have set a lot of goals and we are going to achieve them; I can't leave anything undone!

I want to share a few uplifting experiences with you. Of course we had two baptisms this week! That is always a miracle. K and C were both baptized by family members and the services were great. I forgot my camera at home today, so I will have to try and send the pictures to you later. 

Also, last week we baptized a young man named S into the Navajo Student Dorm Branch. This week we ordained him a deacon and Elder Campbell and I blessed the sacrament while he passed it to the congregation. Talk about pay day! S is a born leader of men. He has brought 3 nonmember friends with him to the branch, and they have all committed to baptism. So let your light shine to all of your friends! They need us to invite them to come unto Christ.

Another experience we had with Bishop "Superman". We went with him to a lesson with B, and when we got there the house was just cold, dark, and definitely not a place where the Spirit of the Lord was residing. B was getting some intense opposition from Satan that day.  B was very closed and didn't want to talk at first, but he started openning up and told us how he just wanted to quit on everything. We prayed really hard in that meeting. Bishop "Superman" took control though and at the end of our chat he dedicated the home by the power of the priesthood and the difference that it made in the home was instantaneous. As he excercised his priesthood, I felt the coldness leave the room and be replaced by a warmth and peace. The next day we got a text from B that said "I am a Mormon and I will be for the rest of my life. I'm all in!" 

I can't really write too much because we have to do a "Deep Cleaning" of all our apartments in the mission today. But I love you all!

I just want all of you to know that I have a testimony of this church and of this Gospel. Jesus Christ is at the head of the LDS church, and he guides us through a prophet today. The only thing I want to do with the time I have left in Richfield and on my mission is serve him and help his children...I have wondered a lot about why the Lord called me on a mission to Utah, but now I have a firm testimony that I am here to help specific children of God receive the Gospel and come unto Christ. I am also realizing that I am among people and who are here to help me too. I think that I am actually the biggest beneficiary of my mission so far.

I love you all so much! Make sure to read scriptures and pray together, and pray for opportunities to share the gospel with friends and family :-)

Love you a lot!!
Elder Michael George Stewart

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