Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Settin' the world ablaze :)

Hello mother and father!!

This week was...just incredible. I think it’s the SECOND most hard working week I have had on my mission....I've gotten a lot more used to being in charge of 22 missionaries, I really love each and every one of them. It still is kind of stressful from time to time ;)

BUT!!! I got a new companion...and we are pretty much are going to give Alma and Amulek a run for their money. Elder Campbell!! He is from Alamosa, Colorado. He is an amazing missionary.

Like I said...we worked HARD this week...we found 10 potential investigators that are really promising and at least twice as many other nonmembers who aren't ready now but can go in the area book. It has been interesting working with what is now 1/2 of my old area...there really was not much happening in this stake at the end of last week. At the beginning of this week my attitude was "Well, I will just trust in the Lord and my companion, and we will work hard and see what happens" It seems like every single plan we made just turned to gold this week :)

There was some opposition though. We had three people call us on Saturday and tell us they weren't ready for all of the lessons or for baptism...that was super hard. I evaluated my love for the people, and the way I was working or teaching, and decided that they just weren't ready yet. It was just hard that all three decided to pause on the same day.

However there were tons of miracles for us on Sunday, because we decided to keep working hard and fast as well. We had no investigators show up to any of the wards we were in until 1 pm, and that ward (the YSA ward) had started without any investigators showing up and I was not really hopeful. Then out of the blue we see one of our potential investigator's C, a 19 year old, walk through the door. He said "I was going to come with K (a young man who is going on a mission) but he overslept, so I came any way." We sat with C through the sacrament meeting and it turns out he is REALLY interested...he has been going to church for the past few weeks, and we have an appointment with him later today. I am just glad that our hard work has paid off and that we are still blessing other people's lives.

The big miracles came yesterday evening though. We got to the Stake Center early for our Stake Coordination meeting, and I had a prompting to go and see one of the Bishops (he is pretty much Superman, he is going to be stake president someday...plus I see eye to eye with him...literally!!). I have learned to follow these promptings right when I get them, and so we went to the opposite side of the building from our meeting to talk with the Bishop. He saw us coming down the hall and says, "Elders, I am so glad to see you! I have someone for you to teach and baptize!" It turns out that a lady (Sister D B, who is one of Elder Eccles' converts when he was serving in Richfield) has custody of some of her grandkids now, and they have all been coming to church together for a few months. We were so excited, that right after our meeting, we contacted the family, D explained to her son C that "They are here to help you get baptized" and C told us "I want to be baptized to be a full member of Christ's church". We just thanked Heavenly Father afterwards for him hearing our prayers and blessing us for our hard work. This is what it’s all about :)

So, we were up to two miracles yesterday: two new investigators who came to church and a new pingüino to teach and baptize =) Then we went to the Native American "dorm" branch, and our good friend S was not there. We were sad, but right after they finished with the sacrament we hustled up to the Residence Hall, and there we found S waiting in his new white shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes (courtesy of President Allen Christensen, of Christensens) . Apparently S had just missed the ride with the rest of the Native American students! So, we got a Ward Mission Leader to give him a ride down there, and he stayed the whole time :)
Whew...lots of miracles. I am just really happy right now. I could stay in the Richfield Stake for the rest of my mission if they let me :-) I know all of the bishops and ward mission leaders in each ward, but since I know only have 8 wards to worry about, I think I will go ahead and meet the whole ward council of every ward ;) I just feel like right now in my mission, I am flying in one of the "F-16s" of the church (See the talk by President Uchtdorf in the Priesthood Session of the October 2012 general conference).

I know right now our teaching pool is smaller than I would like it, but we are building it back up step by step. I know Heavenly Father is helping us to do this every day.

I love you all so much!! This church is so true, and I know that we have the priesthood and the gift of the Holy Ghost with us. It’s all about helping other people come into the fold and helping heavenly father gather scattered Israel. Take care! And share the gospel with your friends and family :)
Con amorcito,

Elder Michael George Stewart

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