Monday, February 18, 2013

They Split my Area!

Hello mom and dad!! It was a good week, a good way to end the transfer, and there were a lot of lessons learned. I think the most important thing I have learned has been about getting along with others. At the beginning of this transfer, Elder Rawlins and I could have just given up after our initial disagreements and differences, but we didn't! We kept talking and working at it, and the Lord helped us out. We were still able to be successful and help the Zone even though we are very different people. Sometimes it’s just easier to not talk and to be totally convinced of your own opinion, but when we talk and are honest, things work out.
Elder Rawlins and I are both staying in Richfield! ;-) However, we will no longer be companions; Elder Rawlins will be training a new missionary, and my district leader, and biking, in the Richfield East Stake. And I am getting a new companion (Elder Campbell, he hasn't been a ZL before) and staying in the Richfield stake- with the car ;-). I have really one goal for this week; we need to find more people to teach! All of the ones we were working are in the other stake. Keep praying that Elder Campbell and I find more families to teach!

So even though they split my area, I am very excited about the transfer. Elder Campbell is a young, energetic missionary that wants to be successful and is a hard worker and a good teacher. We have a lot of work to do!

P!! He is doing so well. He is reading the Book of Mormon on his own and coming to primary.  He is a really good kid. It took a lot of work to get him ready, and he had to do some pretty hard things too, but he made it! His dad bawled at the service and bore his testimony! He hadn't been to church in a long time!
So because we broke our personal record for oldest convert, we figured we had to teach a few ping├╝inos to make up for it :) But, seriously, we have been teaching a lot of old people recently!! A 78 year-old man, a couple in their 60s, and a man in his 80s! Wow!! Unfortunately, they are all in the East Stake, so I won't see them until they need to be interviewed, but it sure has been fun.

Well, we have a lot of work to do! We have two investigators right now, R our YSA who loves the Book of Mormon, and S, a Navajo boy staying in the Indian residence hall. We have to find more investigators this week :)

I love you all so much. I love being one of the Lord's servants, and I am totally floored how he could trust me with the work of salvation for his children. My testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and this truth has never been stronger. How could you deny the fruits that this church has produced? How could you not recognize the miracles of this Church's beginning, its current growth, and its future? I know it’s true, and I feel like I am just starting to fulfill my promise to give my life for this work.

And now for a quote on missionary work
"Faith is the power, love is the motive, obedience is the price, the Spirit is the key, for Christ is the Reason."
Be good and take care!! Reach out in Christian love to those in need this week. I will keep after it down here :-)

Elder Michael George Stewart

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