Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pues, fijate que...The Church is True :)

Hello mom and dad! It is good to get to email you all today...we changed our Pday to tomorrow, but kept emails for today, so that we can go do some work in the Manti temple tomorrow. I guess we make little sacrifices to be able to attend the temple and feel God's presence in his house.

So this week I will give you a reader's digest of "the action" we saw in the magical Sevier county b/c time is short.

The biggest news we have is that we will have the baptism for the oldest convert of my mission this Saturday...P, our 72 year old friend, moved her own date up to this Saturday so that her son can baptize her. When Elder Fragoso and I started teaching her last month, we thought that she would be a "slow cooker" because of her age ;) But she has really surprised us with the speed at which she ate through the lessons. One of the reasons we MUST invite people to be baptized is because it causes them to think and pray seriously about that choice...I think that P is one of the most spiritual people that we have taught, and she prayed seriously about the choice to be baptized, and I know that heavenly father answers prayers for every sincere seeker.

So right now...we are still working hard! Elder Rawlins and I made some personal goals to have more unity, obedience, and diligence in our companionship, and I feel like the Lord is really blessing us for those simple sacrifices. For instance, we were in the 15th ward this Sunday, and we had 7 investigators in that ward alone! All the blessings :) 

I love you all so much! I am grateful that I made the decision to serve a mission at this time; with so many new missionaries coming to Utah (we will have 180 in our mission...and there are only 69 stakes in our mission) the whole game of missionary work sure is changing. But I am so glad that the Lord has given me a vision of my purpose, and he is helping me grow and change every day. I love these people, I love you all, and I love the Lord :)

Be safe!! 
Elder Michael George Stewart

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