Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All the hard work!

Whew!!! Well we worked hard again this week!

There were a lot of really good things happening this week....I guess I should tell you about our new teaching pool :) I've been here in Richfield three months now, and the teaching pool has pretty much turned over every single month....so here goes!!

We are still teaching V's little sister S. Dad and big brother are warming up too...our ward mission leader thinks this could be a 12 baptism family before all is said and done. It has been a blessing to work with this one family for so long.

We are also still teaching M ..He is in his 40s, his and he is more active than most of his ward. He finally chose his own baptismal date for February 23rd! We had pot roast, veggies, and scones with his family yesterday and it reminded me a lot of our own Sunday night dinners.

I think that I mentioned P our 72 year old investigator. We had a really powerful moment with her on Tuesday.  We were following up with her reading and praying and Elder Rawlins and I got the prompting to scrap the lesson plan and teach 2 Ne 31 to her...it was one of the most Spiritual moments of my mission really, because there were times when we just sat still and watched her be taught by the holy ghost and answer her own questions. She committed to baptism in that lesson. Her recent convert son is going to baptize her :)

We are teaching someone in Venice!! Venice, Utah that is ;) A little family called the "L" family. They have a "ping├╝ino" daughter who hasn't been baptized yet and she probably knows more about the gospel than anyone else. We went with a priest to her lesson and then to a lesson with some YSA aged people and the priest said "Wow, put K.  in a room with any of them, and she will beat them on gospel knowledge 10 times out of 10." She is a sweetie :)

Then there is C, a bishop referred her to us this week, and she really wants to be baptized, but she needs to quit smoking. There was a moment where I used the bathroom in their house and they had a pack of cigarettes in there, and I just got really angry. Angry at the corporations, the substances, the Devil, and anyone who tries to enslave people with tobacco....I don't know why I felt so strongly about it, but maybe it’s because I love C and I want her to quit. We will keep at it!

There are a lot of other investigators that we have picked up recently too... S, a 14 year old who just moved from Denver and barely knows anything about the church, R, M, and A, some YSAs that have really great member friends. There is just so much in this area!! The only thing that makes me a little sad is that this area is going to be split in February!! I could stay in the Richfield Stake, or the East Stake, or be transferred!! But I will be sad to stop working with some of these incredible people we have been teaching.

I guess I just want to leave you my testimony of the Church. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's church on the earth today. Just like Heavenly Father has done in ages past, he reached out to us in our days by calling a prophet and giving him the priesthood authority. The gospel restored through Joseph Smith is the one and true gospel on the face of the earth now; there are a lot of people that want to learn it here, but can you imagine the missionary work that waits for us in the Spirit World? Our family can be together forever through the ordinances and covenants. It’s just the best thing ever :)
I love you all so much!!! Keep praying for me so that we can FIND the people Heavenly Father has prepared to be baptized.

Con Amor,
Elder Michael George Stewart

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