Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Being Humble

Mother and Father,

Whewwwwwie!!! What a fun week we had. We drove down to St. George and back for our meeting this week, and it was so funny to drive all the way back up...watching the thermometer drop all the way from 40 to -10...I love winter :) We do get in a lot more doors now because people are sympathetic to two shivering men standing out in the snow. The Lord's work can never be slowed :)

This week was again dominated by experiences with just a few investigator families....we still taught a lot of lessons, but the experiences of two families really stood out to me.

First, our Navajo investigator, V L, was baptized on Saturday! (We both forgot our cameras, so we are getting a picture to send to you all from the family. This is the girl that when we invited her to be baptized months ago threw up her arms and said "Yahooo!!"

The ward came out in really big numbers to her service, but also so did her family...the final count was that there were 15 other Navajo nonmembers at her service....we were super excited. Also after she had just come up out of the water, she threw up her arms again and said "Yeah!!" ;] Her grandma, who was the first convert in the family, and basically the matriarch of all of the Navajos in Richfield, gave the closing prayer in her native tongue. I was really grateful for the opportunity to be involved with her baptism and I am just stoked to start contacting and teaching all of her family members. At this point on my mission I really relish these opportunities I have to sacrifice and bring joy to other families like this....so next time you are grumbling about meetings or commandments, just throw up your arms and shout "Yahooo!!!", our gospel is a gospel of joy :)

We also spent a lot of time working with the M family again this week. Good news was that R and her family were at church yesterday, and she appreciated that we brought her some favorite comfort foods- Kit Kats and grape soda.  She has a rock solid testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church.

I think my other favorite experiences of this week came from working with R P, our YSA investigator. He is just so surrounded by good examples and good friends that are helping him read the Book of Mormon and come to church...I just wish I could give that vision to Elders and Priest quorums in the church...that they can find, fellowship, and baptize their friends around them if they open their mouths. It’s really exciting to be a part of.

It was another good week....and we get "good" transfer calls this week. Anything can happen...we can stay, both leave, go train a new missionary....anything!  

I love you so much! Take care and share your love with your friends!

Elder Michael George Stewart

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