Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Loving and Trusting...and One Year!

There is still a lot of work to do here in Richfield!

I think my favorite teaching appointment this week was teaching the W.  family yesterday. We taught the Plan of Salvation and frankly we taught a little bit of deep doctrine, but they asked for it. There was such a big difference teaching that family yesterday than there has been before...when they started coming to church and reading the scriptures the Spirit has come a lot more into their home. So....keep the commandments! Because the missionaries can tell the difference if you have been keeping them or not when they come into your home :)

Also of note this week....I lost my planner :( This is the first time it has happened to me on my mission, and I felt quite naked without it for a day. I prepared another one though for a "back up" and so I only fell a little behind. Still, it is not a good thing to lose.

And 4 days I will have been a missionary for a full year. So much has happened to me, but I love the work I am able to do now more than ever.  At this point on my mission, I am more determined than ever to help people come unto Christ. In this mission we can be successful and we can baptize, and I am just excited to keep working and help the Lord bless lives.

I do know that this is the Lord's church on the earth, and that He is already out there working hard to fulfill his purposes. Before in my life I think I learned the principles of accountability and hard work (thanks Mom and Dad) but on my mission I am coming to realize that I don't have to do everything alone. Jesus Christ already did the most heroic act in all of history in his sacrifice, and he is still working hard, so I don't have to be Superman. I can let go and trust Him to be doing His part even as I wear myself out in hard work.

I love you all and I love what I am doing! The people I get to serve are a humble and teachable bunch...and they teach me a lot about what I need to become myself.

Lots of Love,
Elder Michael George Stewart

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