Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It’s not about you

This was an unforgettable week for me. We learned a lot this week, from each other and about each other, from President Center. It’s crazy to think about, the man who trained, taught, and guided me for 18 months is gone and moved on in his life. I will sure miss President Leonard and Sister Leonard. They stayed in in St. George all this week still because their son was sealed in the St. George temple on Saturday. He will always be my President (well, one of my two presidents any way). Sister Leonard gave us their phone numbers and invited us to their lake house after the mission.  Elder Campbell and I are DEFINITELY going. But there are still people to baptize here!

This week we got a new mission president and wife, President and Sister Center. This church is true and these two are the right people to be here at this time. We went out and taught with President Center last week and it was a delightful experience. He has a lot of ideas to put to work. He definitely has a different style than President Leonard. A lot of the formalities and etiquette that President Leonard trained us on are not really important to President Center, but I am so glad that President Leonard took the time to teach us all those things: how to plan and conduct meetings, how to prepare in a timely manner, and how to organize a transfer. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with two great men!

The miracle of the week for us would have to be when a young man from New Zealand walked into the visitor's center and expressed his desire to be baptized. His name is R. He has been dating a girl from St. George, and now he has moved out here. He loves the church and the lessons! And Elder Campbell and I love his accent.

We also had a really good sacrament meeting on Sunday. Our recent convert K spoke to a packed chapel of people including 6 of our investigators. She brought down the house. "For a long time in my life I didn't have a Dad, but now I know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and will answer my prayers." She just testified of her remission of sins, the long process it was for her, and of her love of the Savior. Not many dry eyes were in that chapel afterwards.

Lots of finding and lots of teaching this week. This mission is the best. I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here. They say that when a missionary hits 18 months it’s his time to shine. So let’s start shining, eh?
I love being a missionary. I want very much for others to come unto Christ and experience his healing and receiving a remission of their own sins. It’s not even about Elder Stewart and Elder Campbell having baptisms. It’s about helping people like K have their own special day and their own change of heart. The theme for me this week has been "It’s not about you" and that has brought me the most happiness. It simplifies my life and gives me a lot of drive and purpose as my thoughts and actions throughout a whole day are focused on others and on the Savior. I just want to do this forever, and I know God will make it possible for me too.

I love you all!!! If I had to make a suggestion...it would be to check out this new church website. And the book "The Power of Everyday Missionaries". Mom and Dad, you two can participate in the work of salvation too :-) Its so amazing.

Lots of love!!!!
Elder Michael George Stewart

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