Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Mission is more that just two years.

This week was great. We worked on the transfers every day and we had a really good miracle too. Here is some background, we do transfers on a combination of a white board with magnetic face cards for each missionary and we also use a projector with a website the church uses for each mission. A lot of "click and drag" and seeing where people will go and what feels right.

So, we worked on the Elder's transfer calls all day Thursday with President and at the end of the day we were stuck. We needed one more Spanish-speaking missionary to go to a Spanish-area. We also had Elder Fiefia (our Tongan missionary) in an area in Cedar City and with a new companion. The transfer wasn't all figured out, and we left for the day. Friday we came back  to finish the elders calls and when we logged in the computer showed Elder Fiefia was moved to a different area in Cedar City and he was a district leader as well. No one had logged on to the computer to make that change in the night, but somehow it was changed by morning. President called it some "help from beyond the veil". We were all praying for guidance in the transfer and help to finish it on time, and we had a breakthrough that solved the whole Elders' transfer scenario. That might not have made sense, but it was a big miracle to us.

This week K got baptized as well. Talk about a true conversion. She bore her testimony at the baptism about the answers to prayer she had received. One night she prayed to God to receive direction in her life and the next morning the YSA ward mission leader and a friend showed up to invite her to the YSA award. I remember when we told B and the ward mission leader to invite her to church. Look at the difference they made in her life.

Her answers didn't stop there though. She had questions about tithing and living prophets, and that first Sunday when she went the talks were about those two things. The secret I learned was lasting conversion is all about personal commitments and WARD FELLOWSHIP! If we just invite our friends out of love to learn from missionaries and come to church, you never know who would end up being baptized. 

After being in this area and watching "The Work of Salvation" broadcast, my testimony of member missionary work is just too solid. I have been praying for help to make my mission last forever...not just two years. If this church really is true, if baptism really helps save souls, then helping people through that gate is something I MUST do forever and always. Reading my patriarchal blessing has just confirmed that to me. The Lord doesn't want me as his full time servant just for two years, but he seeks me to be his servant forever. There are too many people that need saving for it to be otherwise. 

I do love you so much Mom and Dad. This week, expect pictures of us with President and Sister Center. We have lots of work to do! 

Elder Michael George Stewart

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