Monday, December 10, 2012

Expecting Miracles and Following Hunches

What a great week! Things settled back to normal after last week's triple splitting, triple stacked appointments, and general busy-ness. We are still teaching a ton of lessons every seems our expectations of what is possible have just changed :)

First off...Bro Waters (a friend of Elder Stewart’s Grampie Bob Darger) came up and talked with me in church on Sunday :) Thanks for calling him; it was really nice to see that you two were reaching out to me this Christmas all the way across the country. Thanks and I love you so much!!
Elder Fragoso and I have been setting some really high goals together now that we have seen what we can do when we really apply ourselves...the best part is though that because this is the Lord's work, and because he is in charge, He helps us as we have strived to achieve these goals. There were so many miracles this week.

I will tell you about a few :) You will remember T, the investigator that we couldn't get to church for a while because of lack of church clothes, but then Elder Betham donated him some of his clothes, painted in his child's room, and this man has come to church for two weeks and has a baptismal date :) For him, I can see him and his family RIGHT NOW with the gospel. His little daughter B announced to the whole chapel again that the bread was "YUMMY!!" in the middle of sacrament :) We had a lesson with him where all his "manly man" walls came down and he and his wife just told us that they really want to go to the temple and have more blessings for their family. I am so thankful that the Lord does more than his part in this work.

There have also been a lot of other miracles. We are baptizing 15 year old D and the C family  this Saturday, and they both have great back stories. D's house was a house that Elder Fragoso wanted to knock for month of when he first got to Richfield. We knocked it together, found D, wondered why he wasn't a member already, and he is ready to go! The best part is that the ward has been praying for "more young men to come into the ward" :) It’s amazing to see answers to prayers like that.

The C's just might be my favorite family right now....I am going to do EVERYTHING possible so that they can go to the temple one year from now. We had a lesson with them about tithing this week, and S was really torn up about it. She loves the church, wants to be a member, but she is the only one working in the family right now.  We told her to pray about keeping that commandment, which would really be a struggle for her family, and she did. Well, she prayed and thought about it all weekend asking for an answer, and the Lord came through for her. In sacrament meeting she said she felt a peace that everything was going to be okay. But also!!! Her family got a really generous gift from "Mr. and Mrs. Claus" to help them out this Christmas. I think I know who got them that gift, but the fact that it was donated anonymously was really classy. 

SO!! I think these two stories, D's finding story, and the C's miracle answer show that if you have a righteous hunch FOLLOW IT!!! The Lord uses us to answer other's prayers and to fill their needs, and I have felt his sweet love thinking about the experiences I have had blessing other's lives on a mission.

I love you so much!! Talk to you soon.
Con amorcito, (with love)
Elder Michael George Stewart

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