Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Week :)

Well....we kept working hard and the Lord kept blessing us! It was really great to talk with you all on Skype and to see Gramma as well. Calls home don't really make me homesick at all...they make me want to work harder to make you all proud. Thanks for your love and support.

We had a Christmas Eve (p-day ;] )baptism for L C that went really well...we have loved teaching this family, and like I told you, they invited us to eat with them after the service. More pictures in white :)

Also!! C A was baptized on Saturday by her father, and that was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have been to. She must be the most popular teenager in all of Richfield because the relief society room was packed! There were a lot of less active and inactive people who showed up as well...C bore her testimony after she was baptized and the spirit in the room was really powerful...not many people left with their eyes still dry.  The cherry on top was that T was able to baptize his daughter...he has come along great along with her. He should be made an Elder soon :)

She told us to wear ties so that we all matched, just a typical 16 year old girl... She was not really religious, but decided to take seminary, we knocked the family's door, and the rest is history :)

The other great story from this week is about a new investigator named R. He was actually a media referral we got through a text message from the DC Temple Visitor's Center...well we went by and contacted him and he said "yeah come by and bring me a Book of Mormon. I have no religion right now but I'm interested in learning more...actually really interested." He has been to church so many times with his high school friends and now that they have graduated he is living with an LDS roommate. So invite all of your friends!! It is the best thing that you can do for them, because like R, they will be able to see the blessings and desire them. And R will be baptized in two weeks :)

In short.....all is well!! I am alive and loving working hard. Pray that I will stay in Richfield one more transfer!!

I love you all and I love this church. I have to keep working hard, because the Savior hasn't stopped working in the hearts of men either.

With all my love,
Elder Michael George Stewart

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