Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quickest week ever!

Dear Mom and Dad,

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but this was the quickest week of my whole mission. This week we received two new missionaries into the mission, said goodbye to one, did one zone conference, three exchanges, and drove back and forth to Richfield a total of three times. Oh, and we had a baptism. It was way too much for my poor old body.

E was baptized this week on Wednesday. There were 75 people at his baptism! Lots of nonmembers came. He bore his testimony at the end. It was perfect! I am glad that his nonmember parents were there to see the baptism.

Funny story though, Elder Chidester baptized E and forgot to pull the plug on the water and left it in the font after he got changed. Normally, they solve this problem by using a special long handled hook (aka, an unbent wire clothes hanger) to pull the plug, but the plug was twisted just so that it wouldn't come up. After lots of unsuccessful attempts, we spotted a random passerby in the institute who was in shorts and flip flops, and we asked him to wade into the water to pull the plug. Being a college aged male, he agreed and frankly didn't mind getting fully wet on a warm night. A little unconventional solution, but it worked!

So next on E's list is family history this week so that he can get the priesthood next week and we can do baptisms for the dead with him sometime in the near future. Also, he and his girlfriend just got engaged! Mazeltov!

We kept teaching A this week, she is a tender mercy. She hasn't prayed yet to ask if the Book of Mormon is true though. We probed her about that and she said that "she is afraid of the answer". It’s hard when you're the first one in your family but A is a great kid. She is managing to find time to meet with us even though its finals week. As soon as she gets her answer she has it all!

This week was a lot of just submitting to the will of the Lord. I was pretty sick this week. We drove up to Richfield to do an exchange, slept that night, and I woke up the next morning with a fever and diarrhea. After feeling sorry for myself for a couple hours, I asked for a Priesthood blessing, and we went through with the exchange. It was honestly one of the physically hardest days of my mission. I was just wiped through the whole thing. I don't know why the Lord wanted me to have that experience but now that I am feeling better I think it will be easier to work hard through every day, because I already did it when I was sick.  Lots of blessings!

Even the hard experiences on my mission have taught me a lot. God wants to shape and mold us. We just have to say "thy will be done."

I love you all so much!! Thanks for making my mission possible, we have a lot of work to do here! 

Elder Michael Stewart

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