Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Three Musketeers

Hello Mom and dad!

The most exciting news that I have so far is that....we are in a tri-panionship now! Elder Betham from Hawaii is going to be with us until at least the end of this transfer (Dec 3rd) but after that, Elder Fragoso and I really want to keep him in the Zone. These are my favorite companions in the mission...right now it is so enjoyable to do missionary work. Contacting doors is diverse and exciting, we are teaching well together, and having a lot of good fun.

This week Elder Halleck and Elder Leavitt of the Seventy came to our Zone Conference and we introduced him to our investigator N and taught a "lesson with a member present" to N during the break. It’s pretty good to have a Seventy fellowship with you ;) But in all seriousness Zone Conference was great; our mission will be increasing its complement from 118 missionaries to 180...President says that he wants to split our area and put a set of missionaries in each stake, but I just pray he does that after we have a chance to do all our work through January!

Another humorous story to me...we were driving down a residential road two days ago right across from a kid practicing his baseball swing with a water bottle. The thought flashes through my mind..."that kid is going to hit the water bottle straight at us".  And sure enough as we are driving past, he swings, he connects, and the bottle comes straight at the Lord's Chevy Malibu.  Thankfully, I braked in time, and the kid looked really embarrassed and ran inside. Well...we decided to knock that house for help with another address...and it turns out that kid and his dad are interested in learning the gospel and being baptized.  I have never found a new investigator by playing baseball before. It seemed to me like sometimes the Lord will attract our attention when he really wants us to go somewhere :)

The work keeps going :) D J, his son D, and J R will be baptized this weekend, and there are a lot lined up for next week. Keep praying and working hard! I really do know that this church is true and that as we forget about ourselves and work, the Lord can do miracles with us; we just have to move our feet!

Working hard in the tri-panionship,
Elder Michael George Stewart

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