Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If the Lord is with us, who can be against us?

Hello mother and father!!

Thank you for all of your love and support. It was an incredible week here in Richfield. We broke our record for lessons taught that we set last week, and we had a miracle baptism! It is so different serving in two stakes up in this town than in St. George, but I love it.

This weekend Elder Fragoso baptized J on Saturday and I got to confirm him on Sunday. It was pretty crazy working with his family to get him baptized this weekend. He is 9 and he lives with a family that was formerly less active. Elder Fragoso and Elder Chadsey (the Elder who went down to Snow Canyon to be DL down there...small world) had tracted into the family and they mentioned they wanted to get reactivated. Well, the family has been coming to church, J was supposed to be baptized on Halloween (they postponed it though), and yesterday A-the mom-told us that after Js baptism she felt like she needed to be setting a better example of keeping the commandments for her kids. We are super excited to be seeing all 5 of the Js' at church (plus 2 nonmember friends that they bring;] ) consistently now. You can count on the Holy Ghost to help change people's lives.

We kept working with J C and her family this week as well (they are all Navajos) and she told us before we had even invited her that "I need to start going back to church with my kids". Yes!! We also invited her daughter to be baptized this week and she threw up both hands and said "Yayy!!" It was nice to see such enthusiasm and understanding from little V =] So we got them all to church on Sunday, and the family took up almost a whole pew. J had invited all of her kids, some cousins, and other family members; the only one that we were missing was her nonmember husband.

We also found three new investigators this week who have already been going to church. One is named N S, and he has been attending the YSA ward in the Richfield stake since he graduated high school in May. It has been really hard for the missionaries to contact him however, and Elder Fragoso and I are the lucky ones to start teaching him. After one lesson, he told us that he really wants to serve a mission himself, and that he doesn't "understand why more people aren't members of the LDS church". I really love this kid. He reminds me a lot of people who were in my classes at Braddock, and he is such a straight arrow...Elder Fragoso and I are buying him his own Preach My Gospel today, so that he can prep for baptism and a mission at the same time.

Sorry it’s such a short email. I just want you all to know that I am incredibly happy, Elder Fragoso is a great companion (he is from Salt Lake as well, can you say post mission roommate?), and we are tearing up Satan's kingdom here in this town. More than anything else, I feel like it is a pleasure to serve the Lord at this time in this place. It is so obvious to me that everyone I meet, every lesson we have, and even every missionary that I serve here has been prepared for me. The Lord is merciful with all of us, and when we sincerely want to serve him he will make everything possible for us to make a difference.

I love you all! Keep praying for missionaries! Just exercise a little faith and the Lord can do miracles through you!

Un corazon muy lleno, (With a full heart)
Elder Michael George Stewart

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