Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Lord loves Missionaries!

¡Mis queridos padres! Siempre me da mucha energia y gozo leer sus cartas y ver sus lealtud y amor. Muchas gracias :)
(Dear Mom and Dad, It always gives me so much energy and joy to read your letters and see their love and loyalty. Thank you.)

Right now I basically feel like a truck ran over me. The A.C. in our apartment broke, :) which in St. George means that we "slept" at 90 degrees. More accurately, I tossed and turned at 90 degrees. :) BUT! Sister Leonard called and told us to take naps during studies, and I definitely see another nap in my future this P-Day. Sleep is amazing! But despite how my body feels, I am just...super duper at peace, and really happy. Seriously! This week the Lord poured out his blessings upon a missionary from Chile and his companion from Virginia. He loves the missionaries.

Where to begin all of the greatness---Elder Barrales and I were without a car for two days this week. :) But I think those were some of my favorite days yet on the mission. Nothing makes you feel quite like a missionary like walking down dusty roads with dogs barking and the sun hot overhead. Don't worry Mom...we drank lots of water :) It was really cool though. Even though we had to rely a lot on members for rides and services, it seemed like more people were home and receptive to us because we were walking. Granted, we got to contact maybe half of the people we normally would have (cars are great for that) but I really loved it. And on top of that...we got a new car after those two days. I have been just ITCHING to push this four wheel drive, sport shift, 2011 Subaru Impreza to its limits down some more empty roads...but I always remember that it is the Lord's chariot. But is a really nice chariot :)

We picked up three great new investigators this week. One of them is M Fs' cousin, R. Basically, the F family is the biggest Hispanic family here in St. George, and we have had a lot of success teaching and baptizing them. But R is just so fun. Her parents are both members, and basically just want our help getting R ready for her ninth birthday and baptism next month. The first lesson we had with her we taught about how baptism by priesthood authority gets rid of our sins with a bowl of water, pepper (sins), Tinkerbell (a baptismal candidate), and soap (the priesthood authority). If you have not seen this example...I recommend it :) R and her family liked "Baptizing Tinkerbell" so much that R taught it to all of her nonmember family members that week. One of them told us " looks like you all have got a new member in Tinkerbell". It is just so fun teaching these families though. You can see how the Spirit works on adults and kids alike to help them understand and internalize the importance of the restored gospel. I love teaching!
We also found a great new investigator this week tracting. (Tracting brings lots of blessings in 100 degree weather.  =] ) Basically, we knocked on her door at the just the right moment. She and her husband had an argument, and basically...they are getting separated. We show up, and on the door step the Spirit just took control again. We promised that by coming to church, receiving the gospel, and reading the Book of Mormon, she would feel relief and the presence of Christ more in her life. It’s incredible...that so many people just are on the edge of breaking down. We had a great follow up lesson with A S that week with a fellowshipper who has also gone through a divorce, and A wants to be baptized in July. When she came to church yesterday for the first time wearing Sunday best...I could have shouted for joy. All of the talks were on receiving Christ's help in families and raising children. Yes---Christ loves missionaries and investigators. Elder Wade was also in church again. I love that man! He is so sharp and really a disciple of Christ. Hugs from Seventies pretty much are the best :)

Ahora, yo se que en la mision es donde Dios quiere que yo esté. No hay sentimiento mas hermoso que el saber que Dios ha obrado a travéz de ti para traer a un alma a él. Tengo gran testimonio del Libro de Mormon y de la Restauracion del Evangelio. He orado mucho para saber esas cosas, y he dedicado mi vida a esta verdad que yo se.
(Now I know that this mission is where God wants me to be. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing God has worked through you to bring a soul to Him. I have a strong testimony on the Book of Mormon and restoration of the Gospel. I prayed a lot to know these things and have dedicated my life to this truth.)

I love you so much!
Thank you for everything. I feel the power of your prayers.
Que vaya con dios,
Elder Michael George Stewart

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  1. IT sounds like Elder Stewart had amazing experiences without his vehicle but it is also very nice that he has a "new ride" to continue spreading and sharing the gospel!!

    Continue the great work!!! :)