Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Gospel is about New Beginnings :)

¡Mi amada familia! ¡Como estan! Me alegro a ver que mi padre me escribio en español y aun mas en forma de "vosotros" :) ¡Os amo muchismo!
(Dear family! How are you! I'm glad to see that my father wrote in Spanish and even more in the archaic plural familiar form :) I love you very much!)

The Lord is good :) He is faithful and will always keep his covenants with us. This week the Lord incorporated a little more of his character into Elder Barrales and myself. It was a great week!  

This week I was struck by new beginnings. The model of living the gospel in our daily lives is all about getting new beginnings. We learn of Christ and develop faith in Him, which leads us to repent and change things in our lives. The Savior then invites us with a BRAND NEW START by being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost, which cleans and sanctifies a person. As we endure to the end, we learn to live up to our covenants with God, and gain a fresh start every week by partaking of the Sacrament. And when we think about it more, all of life's big events are centered on New Beginnings. Births, marriages, and deaths, but even small things like birthdays, moving homes, and graduations---each presents new opportunities and challenges. The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that it is never too late to start over. Never too late to pick yourself up and try again. And the Savior's promise is that "I will not leave you acomfortless: I will bcome to you." (John 14:18) Christ’s way is the perfect model for improving imperfect people :) 

So we are feeling really good down here in Snow Canyon about the new week, new transfer, and new mission leadership. Because we know the Lord wants us to keep it up and he will be with us! Thank you for your prayers!

Update on G! We had two great lessons with this family this week, and they are doing so well! The grandma interpreted Nephi's dream for us and we are pretty much going to send her observations to the Ensign. This family is awesome! The spirit has been working really hard with them and they know that they are going to meet with President to sort everything out before they get baptized. We also had a great dinner with them this week. If any of you have never had a papusa in your life...find a Salvadoran and have them invite you to dinner :)

O and his family are also doing really well. On Monday last week we had a family home evening with them and we played "10 commandments charades" It was extremely goofy :) It was especially fun acting out commandments #6 and #8 (don't kill and don't steal) with the whole family. When we explained to O about the priesthood as well he said "So I will be able to echar (basically "throw" or "cast") my son in the water? Andale (basically "oh yeah")" This family is doing really well.

Forgive me for the shortness of this email. We are so busy today, but just know that "todo nos va muy bien". (Everything is great).

Solo les quiero decir que yo se que este evangelio es verdadero. El poder del sacerdocio es real, y fue restaurado por mensajeros celestiales. Tenemos tantas bendiciones por ser miembros de la iglesia, especialmente la promesa de que nuestras familias puedan ser eternas. El Senor vive y nos ama mucho. Le he pedido su ayuda mucho, y tengo gran testimonio de que verdaderamente el contesta nuestras oraciones. ¡Este es su obra!
(I just want to say that I know that the gospel is true. Priesthood power is real, and was restored by heavenly messengers. We have so many blessings as members of the church, especially the promise that our families can be together forever. The Lord lives and loves us very much. I have asked for his help a lot, and I have great testimony our prayer are answered. This is his work!)

Os amo con todo mi corazon!

Elder Michael Stewart

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