Saturday, September 7, 2013

Come to the Mountains

Well this was one of our best weeks yet. We got closer to each other, we became better missionaries, and the work rolled forward.  That's not to say that it wasn't hard work or that we didn't have crazy things happen. This mission is the best!

Starting with the slightly crazy story, we went on exchanges up to Mt. Pleasant this week and then up to Price. Both parts of Utah are GORGEOUS this time of year. It was great to help and train the Zone Leaders up there. I got to exchange with Elder Gomez (who came out with me) and Elder Haralson (who goes home this transfer). On our way from Mt. Pleasant to Helper we thought we were being smart by checking the map, and we saw a short cut that went through the mountains and would drop us off in Huntington, just 20 miles south of Price. Elder Woolley said it wasn't a bad idea and some knowledgeable members we know said to go for it, so we did! We drove to Fairview then turned east through the mountains. It was a really pretty drive. There are beautiful green trees all through Fairview canyon. We got all the way to Huntington Canyon and they had closed it for rain. So we trekked up through a little place called Scofield, look at a map to find it. Needless to say, we flirted awfully close with the mission boundary, but we managed to be within Utah County and the Utah St. George Mission all at the same time. Jeanie, we were super close this week, I hope you felt it. 

This week I was impressed by our investigator C. She had told her parents she was investigating the church and they started yelling at her. She confidently went ahead with the plans for her baptism doing what she knew was right. Yesterday she called dad, and he congratulated her on her decision to be baptized. Lots of tender mercies for her. 

We had an interesting lesson with M this week as well. We taught her the atonement, showed her the pictures of the Savior in the visitor's center and invited her to be baptized again. The lesson was really spiritual, I know that she felt it. She is still scared of knowing that this church is true, and what that would mean for her family. But Elder Campbell and I feel that it is not over with her yet. She said that she needs some time to figure some things out. So we are just praying that she gets her answer soon. 

Our other investigators are doing really well. L  is eating up church and the Book of Mormon. He says all of these things make him happy. We will recommit him to be baptized next lesson when we teach the atonement. 

Z is on date to be baptized on later this month, and he is just super fun to teach. It’s like he is teaching himself. 

We just got back in contact with J too. He has been very stressed these last few weeks, but he is looking forward to reading and praying again, getting back into it. He stayed all three hours at church this week, and really fits into the ward. Hopefully a baptism is coming soon for him! 

Other than that, we are focusing on working with the members and finding. For kids this age, the most effective method is for friends to invite other friends to learn, and then to be present for the lessons. That is where all of the success is coming from. Speaking of success.... 

J2 (who was baptized last month) is on fire. President Gubler wants to film her and interview her as a model story for missionary work in our stake. Also, after only being a member for a month, she was called to be the Relief Society Secretary. Big things are in her future!! She is a born leader, and we are excited to watch her bloom. 

I know that this work is true, and this week I feel like I made a lot of needed improvements and changes. I asked President Center for a priesthood blessing during our interview, and he told me things that were in my heart that only the Lord knows. It was really inspiring and the confidence I have felt from that moment has carried me for a long time. I know we have the authority from God to teach and act in his name. This church is true! 

Love you all!
Elder Michael George Stewart

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