Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amulek and Alma (Round 2)

What a great week!! Super duper busy....we went to Ephraim and back again this week. I love that town :-) But I am really pleased with the way things are going in the mission and in the area.  There is A TON of work to do hahaha...We walked into the mission office this morning and it seemed like 20 brush fires had erupted. A missionary had to go home for medical reasons, the internet login wasn't working, and the senior couples were having trouble with a word processing document. But I just have to smile thinking about it does Heavenly Father feel answering all of our prayers and taking care of our earth, and even the whole universe? How small my brush fires really area :-)

Elder Campbell and I are working harder than ever together...its the type of companionship where I don't have to worry when we are in a lesson, training the missionaries, and we both just work so hard to stay focused all the time. We enjoy what we do too. We are going to be giving Amulek and Alma a run for their money though....again :-)

We kept teaching B this week too. He is just the wind beneath my wings right now. When we got back from Ephraim we were super duper tired...but we got to teach a lesson to B right then. Over the last few days he had read 4 chapters of the book of mormon and he had read 1 Nephi chapter 8 more than 7 times because he loved it so much :-) about getting refuelled by an investigator. He goes home this week to tell his parents that he is getting baptized in June, so we are praying a lot for him.

Well....I sure love yall. This gospel blesses families so much. I am not just out here spreading a good message to improve people's lives or to make people happy, but I have a real knowledge that this Gospel and This Church offer people eternal salvation and life forever with their families. That is what motivates me every day. I see these college kids I am teaching getting married in the temple someday and providing real growth to this church and raising up a whole new generation in the right path...and it all starts for them with simple steps of faith. You gotta know...I love every day of this mission. Its the best thing I have ever done, and I want it to last forever.

I love you so much!! Be an everyday missionary today and be friendly to all those around you. There is real power in normal people living the gospel and inviting their friends to come to church with them.

Love ya!!
Elder Michael Stewart

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