Monday, September 3, 2012

¡Tened Presente La Fe! (Remember Faith!)


Hello mother and father! I am so grateful to actually be able to email you today! It didn't look like email would be a possibility today because of Labor Day, but a very nice member opened up a family history center for us and so we do get to send mails! Yay for tender mercies! 

I am so happy that Sister Stewart is training! It is such an adventure! It proves to me that the Lord really is in charge of His work. It’s funny...the first day I had with Elder Barrales 4 months ago I scheduled nine appointments hoping that he'd have a super busy first day....7 of those appointments cancelled :) Truly it’s the best being able to train.

I learned soooo much this week! And we got to do so much good work! And we got so many new people to church! I really am so happy right now to be on a mission. It is true that we are starting to see more measureable success right now, but my real happiness has come from my dedication to the Savior and to these people, and the peace that the Spirit brings me. Being a missionary is the best right now!

So about those two new at church...I just have to give a lot of credit to the Spirit and to member help we got to help them come to church. One of these new investigators at church was C C. She is from El Salvador and her husband couldn’t come to church yesterday because their 14 month old M is sick. It was so great to give her a little tour of the chapel before hand and to have soooo many members just come up to her and say hi how are you, great to see you. It was a great meeting (Fast and testimony meeting) and so many members bore their testimonies of the church. It was just a great day to be at church! The other new investigator at church was P! He is the first person from Honduras that I have ever taught on my mission, and his fellowshipper went to his house without a reminder to pick him up! They both loved church so much they said they'll be back next week for all three hours!!

Seriously though, getting someone to church for the first time is a joy that I love second only to when someone is baptized and stays active. You can definitely count on the Holy Spirit to make them feel welcome at church.

In other news this week we had interviews with President Leonard all across the mission. I just have to say...I am a disciple of President Leonard. He just makes you feel loved and appreciated by the way he says "It’s great to be with you today!". The interview was a really spiritual experience for me, because I have been feeling really responsible for the not spectacular performance of the district in August. President just has a way though of making all of my service feel appreciated. And if a PPI with him is that great, can you imagine a PPI with the Savior? (see Enos 1:27)

We are going to just keep working hard and going to work here in Snow Canyon. On my mission, it has never really been a problem for me to be bold and invite people to be baptized, but this week we issued two invitations.  I feel like my love really increased for everybody (Thanks Elder Benion for a great exchange). And I am so glad that I've been able to help Elder Killian learn a little too. We invite EVERYONE to come unto Christ. I was so proud of him when we were on a doorstep yesterday and he whipped out his picture of the Savior's baptism and invited a lady to be baptized :) That’s my son =)

De veras, mi fe ha crecido bastante esta semana. Tengo mas una relacion con mi Padre Celestial, y ahora siento que nosotros estamos trabajando mas en la unidad con El. Una vez esta semana hice algo que jamas habia hecho en mi vida...en una oracion le pregunte al Padre "¿Como eres? ¿Que piensas de mi?" Y ahora lo busco mas...quiero conocerle mas. Esta sera la jornada de me mision :)

(My faith has truly grown this week. I have more of a relationship with Heavenly Father and I think we are now working more in unity with him. Once this week I did something I have never done before in my life. In a prayer I asked the Father, “How are you? What do you think of me?” Now that I look for more, I know more. This will be the journey of my mission.)

¡Los amo bastante! ¡Cuidense mucho! Y den de comer a los elderes mucho! (especialmente los elderes de espa├▒ol)
(I love you very much! Take care! Feed the Elders often! (especially the Spanish-speaking Elders)

Vayan con Dios,
Elder Michael George Stewart

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